Where is Xativa? Xativa is located 25km inland from the Mediterranean Sea. 
By car it takes under an hour from Valencia Airport and Xativa has a train station which is connected to Valencia Estacio Nord. 
This town is very well connected.
Xativa, is a beautiful Spanish town which is full of life and plenty of things to do. 
Nestled in the mountainside with a stunning medieval castle which was habited by the Borja family and at one-point Xativa was the 2nd largest city in the Valencia region.
History and architecture are two very important characters of this town, it is full of stunning buildings, architecture at its best and with various churches, the castle, plenty of hotels, supermarkets, a good shopping town, coffee culture, banks and of course all the things you expect from an all-year-round living town.
Along with the historical things to visit, the Borja Palace, Castle, Churches and a lovely walk around the old town will not disappoint.
Sports locally there are tennis clubs with padel courts and they have restaurants and swimming pools, horse riding, fishing, local gymnasiums, cycling is very popular within the Spanish communities and cyclists from all over Europe come to take on the challenges of the mountain ranges and good weather on this part of the coastline.
Cultural centres include the theatre and cinema, a casa cultural centre and a tourist information centre which has all the information on local activities.
Fiestas are a very big this in and around the Valencian region, Xativa makes no exception with all the traditional fiestas including the 3 kings’ parade and the faellas. 
The traditional bull ring is still open in the town, (no bull fighting anymore) this is an impressive stadium to visit.
Local walking routes include routes to the waterfalls and lakes for swimming in. Fishing is another hobby in the area with several fishing lakes to visit.
Schools have been a major part in this town for many years, including British schools, Spanish schools and there are many after school activities. If you have children and want them to benefit from a British education then this is possible here is Xativa.
For more information you can visit this website created by Xativa tourist information: https://xativaturismo.com/en/
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