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Currency Exchange this can be one of the biggest financial decisions you make when buying or selling a property abroad. Every half a percent will matter.

Currency companies are plentiful and as the agent we will recommend that you shop around. Most companies will quote rates and most people are rate driven. However, as a qualified financial adviser and not just an Estate Agent, I understand that rates are not so important as they have hidden charges. The most important thing for you as a buyer is to ask what will be the amount of currency you get when you have sent it.

Our currency service is a worldwide organisation and they are dealing with thousands of customers on a regular basis.

There is someone who can speak your language and it does not matter which country you are sending the money to they can help you.

If you are selling and moving out of Spain and need to send money out of Spain they can help you with this too.

If you are buying in Spain you can send money over on a regular basis is you need to cover your costs on an ongoing basis. Sending money in a lump sum is better than if you just exchange small amounts of money.

The process is very simple most clients do this all online.

It is like opening up another bank account. Proof of who you are and where you live will be required. When they have done the basic checks, the account will be set up and ready to use.

You send the money via the currency company and they send it on to your chosen account in the country you wish to send it to.

Another useful tip is to check if the receiving bank has charges. In Spain most banks will charge you if you pay in over 50,000€ in one transaction, so it may be worth sending sums over under the threshold.

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